Chiyoko Kumon studied at Joshibi University of Art and Design in Tokyo. Subsequently, she worked in the design room of a textile company and was deeply fascinated with natural dyeing. She became attracted to old Japanese indigo-dyed clothing. Throughout her 30 year experience, Chiyoko has created a wide variety of fabric arts in her quest to show the beauty and diversity of indigo-dyed Sakiori (rag weaving). Her interest has expanded to include other colors used in old kimonos. Chiyoko Kumon has become a creative pioneer in popularizing Japanese Sakiori and her contemporary sense of the art of Sakiori has brought positive reviews. Recently she developed a new artistic expression of Sakiori done with machine sewing. She is stepping into a new challenge with “diversification of texture” arranged with various materials.

Writing and Presentations

2003, “裂(SAKU)・Fabric Art : CHIYOKO KUMON SAKIORI WORLD” Senshoku & Seikatsu-sha Publisher. Publication of Textile Journal articles on the subject of original Sakiori Guest lecturer “SAKIORI Association of Japan” and teacher at community centers in Japan

National Solo Exhibitions:

1978? 2013 Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Sapporo, Japan etc.
2011 Month long retrospective exhibition “30 Years of Chiyoko’s SAKIORI Then & Now”Asago Public Museum, Hyogo, Japan

International group exhibitions

2012 MUSUBU Kunst Ausstellung, Bern, Switzerland
2011 Ashiya Gallery MUKU Exhibition, San Diego, USA
2008 EXPOTION de SAKIORI au Paris, Paris, France
2006 Fiber Art Exhibition, Bern, Switzerland
2002 Contemporary Japanese Craft, Brussels, Belgium
2002 Fiber Art Festival, Goerlitz, Germany
2000 Textile miniature, Goerlitz, Germany
1996 Contemporary Japanese Craft & Jewelry Design, San Francisco, CA, USA

Selected and exhibited at

2013 9th International Bartie Mini Textile Triennial, Gdynia, Poland
2013 6th Scythia International Biennial, Khersan, Ukraine
2013 Small Expressions, Suwanee, GA, USA
2012 Triennial of Textile 2012, Milulas, Slovakia
2011 5th Scythia International Biennial, Ukraine
2011 2nd “TexpoART ” Textile Art International Triennial, Iasi, Romania

Invited Exhibiter

2008 Textile Festival, Sweden
2008 Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition, Japan

National Japanese Awards

2007 Award of Jury National SAKIORI Exhibition
1993 GRAND PRIX Asahi Contemporary Craft Exhibition
1990 GRAND PRIX Japan Craft Competition (Theme section)
1989 GRAND PRIX Craftsman Competition
1987 Honorable Mention Hyogo Prefecture Exhibition
1984 GRAND PRIX Hyogo Prefecture Exhibition


Japan Craft Design Association of Japan